Earlier this year we were extremely lucky to receive a Bright Ideas grant from our local electric cooperative! The BISKits (Buddies In Science Kits) project will allow my kids to buddy with second graders, who also study weather concepts in science.

My kids will be recording themselves reading a weather picture book. The recording will be uploaded to our cool new hot pink iPod Shuffles so their buddies can listen to the book as they read along. They will also be designing several hands on activities to include in their kits. They will need to gather the materials and eventually will carryout the activities with their buddies. The culminating event will be when the BISKit buddies write their own weather books together using Tikatok! The grant will allow us to then purchase hard copies of the student-created books to add to the wonderful kits!

Today my kids got to explore the 20 new science picture books, and what a fun time they had! There were ideas “flying” across the room as they planned the coolest things for their little buddies! Things I would NEVER have dreamed of!Β 

My kids inspire me every day with their creativity, thoughtfulness, and dedication to cool learning! Put the tools in their hands and prepare to be amazed! Stay tuned……BISKits are coming!


About kcollazo

4th/5th grade teacher looping in 1:1 netbook initiative!

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