I blame ISTE, specifically the conference they held in Philadelphia last week.  I know it is all their fault because this never happens until August.  I am referring to my traditional “back-to-school-nightmare”.  Yes, I have it every year, I’m not kidding.  Many of us have those panic-stricken dreams throughout our lives where we are back in high school and can’t remember our locker combination or class schedule.  That’s NOTHING compared to the dream I have every year a few weeks before school begins.  However, this summer is different, and I blame ISTE.

Last week I attended my FIRST ISTE annual conference.  Yes, I have observed the conference virtually for several years, but this year I actually got to go!  Well, thank you so much ISTE for creating an opportunity evoking such strong geeky passion for learning and teaching, that my back-to-school-nightmare came two months early!

Let me explain.  This nightmare (and I’m sure many of you have something similar) goes something like this EVERY time I have it.  I am in my classroom with my new group of students.  However, I cannot get them to pay attention to a thing I am saying.  They are throwing crumpled paper balls at me, shouting about their disinterest in what I’m teaching, and basically re-enacting the first classroom scenes portrayed in movies like “The Ron Clark Story” and “Freedom Writers“.  I get so upset during this dream, I usually end up waking myself with sobs.

This occurred last night, not mid-August as I was expecting.  And I blame ISTE!  I blame ISTE because I have come to believe that this annual nightmare occurs when I begin getting excited about all the plans and ideas I have for my incoming class of 5th graders.  I’m sure my brain is creating a running action movie of my worries that my plans will not be motivating, relevant, exciting, inviting, collaborative, or engaging enough for my students to love the learning!  Well ISTE definitely got those juices flowing!

I attended keynotes, sessions, conversations, and demonstrations of soooo many great new ideas that I want to implement in my classroom this year, my summer dream schedule has been interrupted and rearranged.  So, ISTE, I am placing full blame on you and all the educators who shared their ideas last week!  And don’t think for a minute that all will be forgotten!


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4th/5th grade teacher looping in 1:1 netbook initiative!

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