Had this session marked in the book the minute I saw it!  I have been in contact with the great folks at Boise State concerning their online courses for educators.  They are going to be talking about their 3D GameLab which is a quest-based immersive environment.  This should be awesome!

Lisa Dawley – Boise State University –

3D Game Lab opens August 1st to public.

Do not confine your children to your own learning, they were born in a different time.

Kids that came to the Game Camp brought their own equipment (ages 13-17).  They were given quests each day, no direct instruction was given.

Challenges are Opportunities for Innovation – Here are some challenges:

  • Disengaged and Bored Students
  • What do we do with “informal learning”? – game and online virtual environments – how do we use it for learning?  how do we assess it?  82% of kids can’t even bring their phones into the classroom.  How do we capture this type of learning in one space?
  • Lack of personalized, relevant learning – need to offer choice (quests) and customization
  • Assessment requires observation (Dede)
  • Exponential increase of technology
  • Teachers need access to effective PD

Educational Innovation

  • Innovative breakthroughs require years of intensive preparation
  • ENTHUSIASTIC immersion in a domain results in deep, rich knowledge
  • New ides spur on more new ideas, networks generate cycles of innovation
  • Freedom

How do we design our spaces to allow serendipitous events to occur?

Virtual World Popularity is very high among tweens and teens (ie. Poptropica)

Virtual worlds have become a marketing strategies tied to TV, films, books, and toys.

Around age 10 worlds that have to do with quests and content creation worlds become popular.

We can use simulations (construction and creation opportunities) in the classroom as a simple way to begin bringing these things into the classroom.

Gaming Solutions

  • 90% of teens game – it is how they process the world, it is a literacy for them
  • Meta-game concepts – layering that combines informal and formal learning
  • Games track individually, socially

Quest-Based Learning

Quest a unique educational activity which is part of a journey toward a larger goal.  Delivered to a student when they are ready or able to engage in it (a scaffolding of the learning environment).

Quest-Based Learning on YouTube (great video)

3D Game Lab includes lots of choices for the kids.  Many are games, but some are hands-on activities as well.

Great research results from the kids that have been involved with 3D Game Lab.  Lots of great completion rates when students are given choice.

Raids in the classroom – whole class events where they are working on a large scale mission, more 1 on 1 time by teacher, promotions to new roles for kids, staged activities for small numbers.




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  1. Mick Sweeney says:

    Hi Kim,

    I’m not sure if this is a similar thing or if I’m on the right track, but this is a link to a teachers blog detailing some great stuff she is doing with games, namely SimCity and Civilisations 4.
    Gaming lesson seem to be a very fun to deliver.



    • kcollazo says:

      Hey Mick,
      Thanks for the link! I have been working with researchers at NC State, here in NC, USA on creating 3D, multi-user, online games embedded with science curriculum, so I am always interested in learning about what others around the world are doing in this area! Can’t wait to check out what you’ve mentioned!
      Take care!

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