Peg Steffen, NOAA Educator

Educational games combine entertainment features with learning objectives.  It turns passive learners into active ones.  Develops 21st Century skills and may help keep students engaged in science.

NOAA partnered with Montgomery College Computer Simulation and Gaming Department to develop and create the games.  Modeled games after California estuary and other real life ecosystems.

Water Life Series – Where Rivers Meet the Sea (teaches about estuaries) – Linear Progression Game

  • Can enble sub-titles in several different languages. (Click the yellow speaker icon)
  • Game starts with a video story scenario
  • Game does a good job introducing the tools you will need to help solve the problem.
  • Contains a Field Guide which will help with vocabulary and other factual content.

Mini Games: 7 Sea Turtle Games

  • Includes information about sea turtle life cycle
  • Political implications with preservation
  • Nesting issues
  • All include thorough field guides
  • Information included for educators related to lesson planning and background having to do with standards.

Games were field tested and assessed for ease of use and level of understanding. 

All the games are Flash-based, so can’t be used on iPads.


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