Dr. Zeltz University of Northern Iowa

  • Taught audience how to backchannel on Twitter #drzcooks
  • http://tinyurl.com/getcookin
  • Learning is Social!
  • Learning is Contextualized
  • typewith.me  Collaborative word processing documents – Can change the name after the forward slash to what you want instead of the random numbers the site gives your document.  My kids LOVE this site!
  • http://drzreflects.com  – Dr. Z’s blog
  • Gen Y characteristics: like to learn, work, and play at same time
  • Don Tapscott – author of Growing up Digital – check out his YouTube channel – info on working with Millenials
  • Skype – Around the World with Skype – dotsub.com
  • http://education.skype.com
  • http://audioboo.fm – record and upload audio – Use it to give an audio assessment to kids ; add .mp3 to end of address of recording and you can send the kids the file
  • Use Google Forms to collect data from kids
  • Jing – free download for screencasting – http://www.techsmith.com/jing/
  • Jaycut – http://jaycut.com – Online video/audio editor
  • Flipping the classroom – creating videos for the kids to watch at home allowing for more time to collaborate in the classroom.

About kcollazo

4th/5th grade teacher looping in 1:1 netbook initiative!

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