And who doesn’t need that!!

All of Tammy’s Handouts from NCTIES11.

Notes to self to save time:

Use Advanced Search in Google more often! Search topic + jeopardy and choose ppt as file type to get great premade ppt jeopardy games.

Google now has  filtering options on left side of the main page so you can find exactly what you’re looking for, after you’ve typed in your search topic.

Timeline search very cool! Can keep clicking on timeline graphic and it will give sites that have information about the event(s) occuring at that time.

Realtime search on left will bring up Tweets and Facebook updates in real time!

“Showcase” plugin for Firefox lets you view all your open tabs on one page so you can go to the site you want.  Danita needs to have this!!

When you accidently close a tab – ctrl shft T – will bring it back!! Cool!

Hold control key as you click on webpages that have come up in Google you want to look at, they will open in their own tabs automatically. – neat educational website.

Evernote – Organize notes, pictures, screen shots

Can put Evernote on your hard drive and sync between web version and hard drive. – combines several websites into one url that you give the kids. Cannot edit a list you’ve already made.

New ideas for file sharing with your kids on Tammy’s handout.






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4th/5th grade teacher looping in 1:1 netbook initiative!

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