Thanks to the tweet link by Vicki Davis (aka Cool Cat Teacher), I was reading through the 2009 K-12 Horizon Report this evening.  Found myself nodding my head as I read their newly-unveiled “Technologies to Watch” in education.  It is such an exciting time to be an educator, and the internal rush I get as I learn of these new technologies and see the benefits of using them with my students is unlike anything I’ve experienced in my 18 years in the classroom.

I was especially excited to see that two virtual environment projects in which I’m proudly involved, thanks to my fantastic Kenan Fellow mentor, Len Annetta at NCSU, are mentioned as movers and shakers in the Horizon Report.  The HiFives Project and the newest project, GRADUATE are included in the section on “Collaborative Environments”.  How exciting!

This report should be required reading by all educators!  Think I might have to start a “top of the coffee table” list of support docs for the STELLAR Project.  What other important reading would you add?

Photo Credit: Flickr – My Coffee Table


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