Harry Marriner and Keenan Tusing – Pender County Schools



  • Talked about a tech camp they conducted June 2006 (8-12) 3 groups of 4 kids spread out among the school
  • Goals of the camp: Expose students to interactive and collaborative online tools, create presentation using non-face to face collaboration.  What a neat idea!!
  • Used PBL format – given a challenge that was research based; unable to talk face to face; worked from different areas in the school
  • Used Gaggle email accounts, stored files in digital locker, utilized message boards, chat rooms, and the blogs
  • Writeboard.com – interactive collaborative whiteboard; need valid email; can comment or make changes on it
  • Learner Blogs – blogs for kids from same people as edublogs
  • Chat Room – campfirenow.com -free account up to 4 rooms; admin can monitor all of the rooms; can send files right into the chat room to share; archives chats; can keep it private by inviting members – can turn guest access on and off
  • started every day with an email – kids had to check their email for the day’s assignment
  • wikispaces – kids could use the wiki to collaborate on ideas and share research information that they are collecting
  • Collabortive Drawing – invite others to draw something with you; can save drawings
  • Class Chatter – allows class to communicate through student blogs without student email accounts.  You create a classroom, add names of students, give them a password to access the site

Great session, I think this is something we really should look at doing!  What a unique idea to collaborate only online!!  How much more real world can you get?!!


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4th/5th grade teacher looping in 1:1 netbook initiative!

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