Had to write about two new tools that I’ve actually been able to figure out!  Thanks to Danita‘s help, I’m officially a Skype-er!  I must admit it is a very liberating feeling, knowing I can speak to and see others through my computer!  It is one thing to read about it, and even very cool to watch it done (David Warlick’s Skype with Vicki Davis at NCect 2006 preconference wiki workshop), but to actually do it yourself brings a little bit of a geeky rush!  Even got the webcam to work!  Now to plan some fun ways to use it with our students.  Danita and I are planning to have some of my elementary kids interview some of her 6th grade science “experts” via Skype.  Should be great!

I have also been working on a powerpoint presentation that I will be giving tomorrow in my graduate class (which is a weekly videoconferencing-based class with 3 other sites.  Our professor is in Arizona, and two other sites from Missouri join us – way cool!) on a chapter in the book, Cultures of Curriculum (my assigned chapter was “Confronting the Dominant Order” – more to come on a future post).  I really wanted to embed a video from YouTube to better illustrate the social experiment carried out by third grade teacher June Elliott back in 1971.  Not being able to figure out how to do that in PowerPoint, I just put a link on the appropriate slide.  But in doing so, I worried that I needed a back up just in case the Internet was down, or the connection not working during class tomorrow night.  Thank goodness for Wesley Fryer’s Post “Power Of Digital Text” which alerted me to the idea of saving YouTube videos using the free YouTube Downloader.  I also needed to download a free FLV player because that is the file extension with which the videos are saved.  Now, as a back up plan, I have the video saved on my hard drive!     Now I can go to bed!  AHHHH!

Photo Credit:  Just Too Tired To Continue!


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